Privacy Policy

Starting from the 25th of May of 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation is at force for every website in the European Union. We encourage you to read our GDPR statement thoroughly. It teaches you which information we collect when you visit this website, how we use it and how we make an effort not to abuse it.

This website is owned and operated by Maks vzw (Media Actie Kuregem Stad). You find us in Brussels: George Moreaustraat 110, 1070 Anderlecht, or you can reach us at or 02 555 09 90. (BTW: 874 873 682). Data protection officer: Koen Mertens. If you have any doubts about your information being used by this website, please contact Andreea Dima ( She is responsible for the Dreams project and will help you with any questions or she will clarify any doubts you may have.

We collect the following information: the type of browser and IP address. We obtain this information through Google Analytics, and it will not be used, it will just exist in our database, so we can see how frequently and by whom our website is visited. When contacting us through the contact form, you give us access to your name and e-mail address, which we will only use to answer your questions, unless stated otherwise. We don’t use cookies.

Dreams is an Erasmus+ project.  As this website is one of the deliverables of the project, the collected data are shared with the European partners, listed under ‘About Us’. More information is to be found on Following Maks’ example, the Dreams partners will only use this information to see how frequently and by whom the website is visited, or to answer your questions. The data will not be used for any commercial or harmful use.

And that is, of course, not enough. On top of not abusing it, we do the best we can to guarantee the security, the confidentiality and the integrity of your information. It won’t go public, it won’t be changed or deleted and we make regular back-ups in order to avoid the loss of information until the end of the project, when we will evaluate the further use of the website.

At any time, you can ask us to:

  • See the information we have about you;
  • Change incorrect information;
  • Delete your information;
  • Press charges;
  • Withdraw permission to use your information;
  • Reduce the processing of the information treatment;
  • Disactivate the automatic processing of your information.

(But apart from the obligatory GDPR law part, ask us anything. We’re trying to be very flexible.)